Schliersee - Oberaudorf

A short cycle trip in the Bavarian Alps: The suggested trip is about 60km long and with a group of people and three climbs of about 300m each I would expect 5 hours on the bike and additional rest as you like...

We meet at early morning at Munich Central Station, catch the train to Schliersee and share BayernTickets for up to 5 people.
The trip starts in Schliersee with a cycle path on the western side of the lake and we begin to ride uphill from Josefsthal (780m) to Spitzingsee (1130m) and enjoy a gentle slope downhill along the river Rote Valepp to the forester's lodge Valepp (885m) and uphill again to the anticline called Elendsattel (Elend=misery, 1150m) and go downhill in a fantastic canyon and through the Kloaschautal to Ursprungstal and on a small path in the valley to Bayrischzell (800m). In the case of complete exhaustion there is a exit route from Bayrischzell to Munich by train. Else we continue uphill to the famous Sudelfeld with a fantastic view to Wendelstein (USM observatory) and Grosser Traithen, where 1933 Heisenberg, Niels Bohr, Felix Bloch und Carl Friedrich Weizs├Ącker went skiing together and Sommerfeld had a lodge there as well.
A nice coffee bar on top of Sudelfeld pass at about 1100m can restore energy and we continue downhill to the Inntal in a canyon with many cascade the biggest called Tatzelwurm (a hideout for a giant lindworm in fact about as famous as Nessie from Scotland) and enjoy maybe a wheat beer in the Hummelei with an excellent view to Kaisergebirge (Zahmer und Wilder Kaiser) and have after that break another few kilometers downhill to Oberaudorf where we will be able to catch a train back to Munich.

Because of gravel roads I recommend a mountain, trekking or cross bike, suggested wheels are 35mm wide and more.