Old man - no bike --- my first days

It started at Munich airport. The soles of my 25 year old trekking shoes lost structural integrity. Both. I cleaned them a few weeks ago and everything seemed to be stable and fine. Changing planes in Dubai, getting three different boarding passes handed and ended up for the next 16hours with two nice girls from Spain next to me.
After a stop in Brisbane we arrived at 2.30pm in Auckland. Immigration was fast, but the moment I came as one of the first to baggage claim I was summoned to a special desk, where I was told that my bike was delayed in Dubai and would be one day late and that they would call me tomorrow and deliver it for free at the place I am staying at. Next day a few hours sightseeing in Auckland and no call came in. Afternoon. Evening. Noone answering my calls to a number they gave me. Finally at 7pm. Yes bike is here. Immigration has to check it and then it will be delivered tonight, we call you: noone called. Next morning staying at the campsite... read the first two books of Douglas Adams Hitchhiker series and 30% of Christopher Clarke's Sleepwalkers... no call, no answers. At 1 pm with a bus to the airport, found the place for delayed baggage, got the bike, found a dedicated place for mounting bikes nearby and cycled back to Manukau half an hour later.
May the journey begin...